Volunteers to star in the Makerspace promotion video

Hi I’ve been volunteered to maybe create a makerspace promotional video. I’m looking for volunteers who are willing to go on camera and talk about your speciality? Crafting, metal work, wood work, lazer cutting, 3d printing, retro gaming, t shirt n mug printing, space development, gaming and electronics, have I forgotten anything? Will only need to be a short 3 to 5 min section, to get the excitement of the activity across. Also someone willing to talk about the history of makerspace and Swindon makerspace. Anyone willing to participate please speak to me tonight at the open evening or contact me via my email, technics292003@yahoo.co.uk putting makerspace video in the subject line.
This is to help get more members and knowledge to the public of the group and its activities, so you could do your part to do this by appearing in the video presentation.
Phill V.

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Happy to do something for/in it…

Hi @castaway, thankyou, what would you be interested in doing? I have intro, metal work, and tig welding covered as well as basic lazer cutting, let me know. again thank you.

I am happy to be in the background sewing. I do not want to be talking or focused on though.

3D printing would probably be best for me

I may do it if you still need some oneas I have been on a video and also modelled on two clothes web sites

I’m happy to take part - I could maybe talk about electronics?

Hi Joe, thank you, could you write some notes on what you would say, aiming for about 3 to 5 mins, in mini segments.
Thank you,

I take it then I am not needed then to help with video

Hi Derek did you not get my reply? I asked what your specaility was?

3-5 minutes sounds ambitious, and I don’t think people would want to sit through that. I can do 1-2?

Hi Joe I asked for 3 to 5 so I can edited down to fit the time line. Ensuring I have enough material to fulfil the requirement.

Can people that have volunteered to be a part of the promo video please confirm they are still willing?
Jess R - 3d modeling
Jess H - laser cutting
Scott Jordan - makerspace n history
Joe - electronics
Steve Maggs - metal work
Josh - welding
Anyone I’ve forgotten?
Derek what would you like to do?
Still would like someone to do crafting?
T shirt, mug printing?
Anything I’ve forgotten?

If you could let me know so I can plan the recording sessions.
Thank you.

Well as I tend to play mostly with wood I think it looks like wood a bit of turning and may make a block of wool out of small bits.

Hi Derek that could be very useful, can you let me know when you are available please.