Tech Day at the Central Library (Nov 3rd)

Hi all,

We have been invited to exhibit at this central library event, 10:30am- 2pm, details as follows:

The event will run from 10:30am to 2:30pm (The Library is open from 10am to 4pm, but tends to quieten down towards the latter half of the day.)

  • Set up time can be from 9am.

  • The event will take place on the Ground Floor of the Central Library.

  • Each exhibitor will be allocated a space including table, chairs etc.

  • The library café will be open and I will set up a tab for exhibitors to put their drinks on throughout the event (Unfortunately my budget won’t stretch to cakes and sandwiches!)

  • The event will be free and run on a drop in type basis.

  • We will advertise through Social Media, our eNewsletter and posters in all our Libraries (see attached) but please do advertise through your own networks too.

  • A press release will go out too once we have confirmations from you.

  • Exhibiting so far will be:

    •      Render with a Virtual reality set up
    •      Create Studios with Digital Animation
    •      Maker Spaces with 3D Printing
    •      Coding Club
    •      Digisheds
    •      UTC
    •      Fayju Games with Amazing Frog Game
    •      Swindon Libraries and Augmented Reality Books
    •      Swindon Libraries with Online Resources, eBooks and Emagazines

Who is available to lurk at our stand for an hour or two?

Any ideas for what we should take? We can have a 2m table, with power, so I’ll probably take a 3D printer… What else can we do/show ?


Suggestions here: display board highlighting equipment - things people make/can make, prices, opening times, member quotes, photos of groups in action, groups that meet up, hiring the space?

Then maybe things members have made on display, examples of things made.

Maybe let people make something basic? Or print?

Maybe things to buy? (if it’s allowed?)

Then the obvious leaflets ect

Oh and for getting members? Maybe do a first month at a discount if they sign up there?

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I’m not convinced that offering first-month discounts really works, I’d suggest instead that people come along ‘no obligation’ to look round on open evenings and open days and join when they’re ready.


Only was a suggestion, let’s be honest, it would probably get some sign ups and worth a try right? But whatever ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I won’t be around that weekend but will get my sound-reactive neopixel thing running in time (all the code is done now and that was the hard part!)

I’m guessing because it’s a library we can’t play music at it, but it would be nice to clarify that - doesn’t have to be loud.

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