Talks self-org please

Hi folks,

2 GMs ago, various people offered to do talks, I made a list:

Josh S: Fusion360
Josh R: Wood lathe
Joe: Electronics manufacturing + prototyping
Jess: 3D printing, laser box
Radio guys: Radio stuff?
Damian: Kinematics
Mark: Retro computing?
Nat: Antweights

Could people who volunteered, and are still inclined to do a talk, please pick a Tuesday or Thursday with at least 3 weeks notice, and announce it here.

Thank youuuuu!

Could do something along the lines of using WiFi pineapples and other pentesting equipment and bug hunting if you like (from being a non member who turns up very rarely prospect?), might even be able to get some goodies from Hac5 for it to give away or sell for funds for the space if I ask them nicely like before.

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I pitched the electronics talk about six months ago and I only had a couple of people interested. Didn’t feel it was worth the prep work involved. I can ask again?

We can ask/advertise on meetup/facebook etc, without committing (I think) … can you remind me / link me to a summary ?

Here’s the post I made in April: “Electronics manufacturing - idea to product” talk