Soldering Workshop

Hey all

There’s been some interested in a soldering workshop, so I thought I’d arrange something. I’ll cover through hole and surface mount - assembly, soldering and re-work techniques will be covered for both types of soldering. If anyone wants to do just one or the other, that’s fine!

Once we have an idea of numbers I’ll be ordering some soldering practice kits so we can build things that actually do something interesting*, then will run a doodle poll and get some dates.

We only have so much equipment, so if anyone has their own (decent) soldering station please let me know if we can borrow it for the day!

*donations to cover these would be welcome but not required. I’ll be getting something like these for SMD and some of these for through hole.


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I’m interested - but be warned… I am a total novice :smile:. Julie Bint

Def interested. Have cheapish temp controlled station I can bring.

Never done any surface mount so would also be interested

Yes please. I’ve done a fair bit of soldering/desoldering but it’d be nice to get some different perspectives and more practice can never hurt :wink:

I’d be interested in the surface mount soldering. I have a decentish temperature controlled iron I could bring to use.

Always need excuses to practice my through-hole! Can bring another of the maplin blue temp-controlled soldering irons…

Yes please, complete beginner with no equipment. Thanks

I’m in! My soldering is generally horrible, even though I’m reasonably experinced with through-hole.

Im up for that. I have a shit temperature solder station i can use

Count me in too. My soldering is awful too.


Hey folks, any thoughts on holding this on June 21st ? (Third Thursday) … I’m intending to make third-thursday be the talks+workshops day…


Thursday is good for me :slight_smile:

Thursday 22nd is good for me

Oops, date updated… Thurs is the 21st June not the 22nd…

Date sounds good to me if we’re trying to make this a regular thing. I’m thinking 1900-1930 start?

If anyone can’t make the date, let me know and we can either set up something else in the future or I can do some 1:1 on a Wednesday night.

Some organisation stuff:

  • Kits will cost about £5 per person - that’s one through hole, one surface mount. They actually add up to about £4.60 iirc, so rather than faff with change I’ll just add together the difference and donate that to the space.

  • If you have a temperature controlled soldering station, please bring it! We only have two or three suitable irons at the space, and I have another. As long as it has a small-ish tip (~3mm diameter is fine, either traditional ball end or chisel tip - I have spare Hakko compatible tips which will fit many irons) you’ll be fine. If we don’t have enough irons we can figure something out, it’s not a dealbreaker.

  • If you have any small tweezers, please bring them. I’ll bring as many sets as I can, but that’s likely not enough!

  • Same again for solder and flux pens - if you have any <=0.7mm diameter leaded solder (lead free has its place, but not for hobby stuff) or a flux pen please bring it so we’re not always hunting for the few we have as they get passed around.

  • If anyone has any soldering projects they’d like to work on, feel free to bring them. The trickier the better!

Hope to see you all there!

I can’t make Thursday 21st June :slightly_frowning_face:, will have to wait til next time

I can’t make 21st either :slightly_frowning_face::sob: - sods law that I’m committed to another workshop already that only happens every 3 months :smile: ! But still very interested for next time please :blush:.

Hi can you put me and John on the list for the workshop. We’ll bring in a couple of temp controlled irons and whatever else we can find on your list. Thanks

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Just putting together some background prep. Is there anything in particular people wanted me to cover?