Shapeoko auction

Our Shapeoko is surplus to requirements, so it’s time to auction it off!

Mechanically it’s in good shape; all the axes are smooth and run true, and it’s built onto on a heavy steel index plate with 25mm spaced M6 threaded holes. The steppers are untested, but I’ve never seen a burned out stepper and I work with them all the time - if any are bad I have some spare in my junk box that the buyer can have. The power supply works, and the dremel spindle works, but the controller board seems to be shorted, so it’s sold as a fixer upper project.

If anyone wants to take a look and inspect it, I’ll bring it to the space tomorrow (12/10/21) and leave it there.

Let’s start bidding at £50, which is a bargain for the fixture plate alone!

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Interested, do I place a bid here? Will go in blind with £75, I might increase my bid after seeing machine again. Is it back in the space yet?

Yup, a post here will do! It’s not in the space - I had the lurgy and couldn’t make it. Hoping to bring it on Tuesday next week.

Checked it out last night. Looks like it will fulfill my requirement nicely. Anyone want to join in bidding against me so we can raise a few more pennies for the space?