Sale: Used and modified Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer


I’m not a member of the makerspace, so I hope you don’t mind me posting here. I live in Devizes and Swindon was the nearest makerspace I could find to me.

I picked up a new 3D printer in the black Friday sales last year, and I need to sell my old one as I’m running out of desk space.

It’s a Creality CR-6 SE with some mods:

  • BigTreeTech SKR-CR6 mainboard (Allows firmware control of stepper driver currents from touch screen. Can also write to SD card through usb port, shows up as a storage device in Windows Explorer.)
  • Quieter axial fans installed for hotend, mainboard and PSU.
  • 3D-printed covers on underside that allow better airflow through mainboard area and PSU.
  • Community Firmware (version 6.1). Allows configuration of lots of parameters and e-steps calibration from the touch screen. Accuracy of automatic bed levelling is also greatly improved compared to the stock Creality firmware. Plenty of support available from an active Discord community.
  • Magnetic PEI flexible build plate. Reversible, smooth one side, textured on the other. Allows for easy removal of cooled objects.
  • Metal, dual-gear extruder with adjustable tension.
  • Hotend has had the usual fix for Creality hotends applied to prevent bowden tube creep causing hotend/nozzle blockages.
  • Power switch removed. The stock power switch was under-rated for the PSU inrush current, which caused early user reports of switch getting welded stuck in the on position.

It’s been a great little printer that’s served me well (bought it through the kickstarter campaign), but I just need the space back now!
All the parts from the basic little toolkit it comes with are present, and there are also a bunch of spares that I’ll throw in too (nozzles, ptfe tube, roller wheels, spare optical endstop, bed spacers).

Looking for £175 ono. If anyone is interested and wants pictures or has any questions, please reply and I’ll come back to you. Thanks for your time reading this.

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