Pledge started for a 3D Printer

We have the opportunity to acquire a Prusa i3 Mk2 3d Printer, so a pledge has been started on or Google drive.

The space needs a reliable working 3D printer, so if it is something you would like to use please pledge some money,

They are looking for £350

[Link to Pledge](New Pledge on Google Drive for 3D printer

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This is the printer the pledge is for,

I am Happy to put £75 to words a Prusa i3 Mk2 3d Printer

That’s fantastic Nikki I’ll add you to the pledge list

OK people the pledge for a working 3D printer is now at £240, this means we are £110 short of the target.
The seller is keeping the printer on hold (i.e not advertising) for us, but time is running out.
We need just 11 people to pledge £10 or 5.5 People to pledge £20 to secure this WORKING 3D printer for the space.
Link to pledge sheet -

Pledge now at £300 with £50 to go.

The pledge was successful, Thanks everybody