New leaflet/flyer design

Hi all

I asked a graphic designer friend to make us an updated flyer, as our current one is (very!) out of date. I wanted a bit more focus on our capabilities than before, and a cleaner, less text heavy design.

The design should be attached below. It’s pretty rough, and some of the information and text is inaccurate as it’s just been pulled from the old leaflet or the website. Does anyone have any suggestions or improvements?

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The 3rd line of the 3rd paragraph seems to have smaller linespacing.

From Rob on Telegram:

Hmm. I’m not impressed. The day and time of the open evening seems to be hidden away in a small font off to the side.
And the fees table seems to emphasise the group booking somehow, when it should emphasise full membership.

Agreed to both points, open night need to be bigger and so does membership. Maybe make membership larger and bold. The right (I’m assuming back) has LOTS of blank space, there’s probably space to put another picture or two. As you said it’s rough, but it’s a solid start and it definitely meets the goal of being clean.

So, as someone coming into the makerspace more recently, I feel like there’s not a strong or clear message with makerspace as it what it is or what it’s trying to achieve beyond being a “space”.

For any design the first thing we need is really content. We need our key messages or information, the most important things we want to deliver. I’m not too sure what this is? I’ve assumed it’s partly info about the space, and partly about getting people to the space… Advice welcome!

I’ve quickly thrown something together (incomplete) as another concept. I’ve taken the same info as on the website but this needs re-written. We could do with some different shots too. We could either have a single focus shot with two or so thumbnails or try to highlight different areas…

We likely need social information (and meetup information) in the header, and location (map and address) in the footer.

Once there’s a good idea of the content and message we need to deliver, it will be easier to put it together into some kind of leaflet with various sample layouts.

I do think the costs should be 1/4 of the second page or less.

Hey Sam, I agree completely! I’ve just not been sure so far how to get it out on paper, and how to articulate it to my friend…

Maybe we can keep the front page pretty much as is, but change the descriptions and squeeze on another photo, then put something like your mock up on the back with the prices?

Yeah, I know it’s a challenge, it always is. Sometimes it’s best to have someone from the outside look in and tell you what they see. I’ve had a few instances where someone’s said to me “I can’t believe you do x! Why aren’t you advertising it?”.

I don’t have huge amounts of time at the moment either, which doesn’t help this process. Let me have a think about some words and if I think I have anything reasonable I’ll pass them on for comment/editing/inspiration for words from someone else.

I might also see if I can get in with my camera at some point so we have a selection of photos we can play with in different places. One thing that might be good is to use one of the group photos (with everyone’s permission) to show the mix of people we have at the space; thoughts welcome?

Hey folks… I appreciate the efforts, ideas here…

As someone who goes “eep!” at change, could I ask for reasons why we’re changing the existing flyer in the first place ? Existing one is here:

I assume there are reasons? Once we’ve discovered them, can we have a list of what should go on it, and what importance each item has?



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I’m pretty sure I’ve been using a different flyer? I’m sure the ones I put up were much wordier

Regardless, that one doesn’t really say who we are, what we do or what capabilities we have. We have a whole wealth of machines and experience and the flyer just says “do you like making stuff?”. Not particularly persuasive.