Mezz Open Day (July 8th) - Ideas etc

Hi all,

I keep having thoughts, so I thought I’d write them down somewhere, and then you can tell me if I’m crazy, or volunteer for things :wink:

  • Quadcopter, planes, foamies display - possibly with “buy your own foamie kit”
  • 3D printing demos - run the printer(s) with a PC/laptop to allow people to choose what to print
  • Ditto laser
  • Antweight battles - need signups for this!
  • Minispace display
  • Logobot game - add an rfid reader to the base, have a supply of rfid cards with arrows on (left/right,straight), contestants must lay out the cards so the bot arrives at the correct spot
  • More Logobots?
  • Mini Electronics kits to solder
  • Member project display items!

Sounds good! Happy to build up another antweight, maybe a bit better built than my last one…

Will also bring my synth, and think of anything else I have that I can bring along.

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I can bring in some quads and planes for display and other random RC stuff - FPV tank, and hovercraft. And also an antweight to battle.

There is the random wanderer Logobot in my box that still works (checked it the other week). Also my Logobot that writes still writes and draws so people could play with that. And SCOB still walks. I like the idea of the of the RFID logobot.

Other ideas, maybe someone could do a wood turning demo?

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I missed one

  • Wall of mezz building photos!

Yeah, good idea. I was thinking we should extract some mezz photos from Telegram and put them somewhere like flickr, or maybe in a thread on here for posterity.

Happy to help out on the day :slight_smile:

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Note to self: Get Ben E to bring some of his laser cut toys/kits…

I’ll be there and can bring BB8 and the LED coffee table

Been meaning to make and ant weight for a while but doubt ill get it done in time

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We have only two weekends to sort out, tidy up the workshop and get the Bridgeport working, is there anything organised for this weekend?

Also a major draw to the space is 3D printing, we need a working , preferably two working printers on display, what are the plans for this?

I finally have a circuit breaker for the Bridgeport circuit. Will come in on a night when no one is around so I can switch off the power and wire it in.

Excited to see it in action

The bridgeport isnt a requirement for open day (tho it would be nice)…

See other topic for printers - new board ordered for the Wanhao, my boxmodel mostly working (will poke more today), and will also bring my other new one on the day if necessary.

Antweight battles signup!

Need a volunteer to run it, and a time… maybe 2pm-3pm? I have poked Nat, who will see if he is free… Happy for folk to take turns running and battling.


Okay, here’s a long-ish post on thoughts about stuff that would be nice to do and how it might actually look on the day. As always feel free to add stuff / object / improve. :slight_smile:


  • sweep / hoover stairs to remove dust

  • remove pipes, ladders, etc from entrance way at bottom of stairs

  • get the demo and display bits out of the blue crates in member storage and clean everything

  • see if there were any badge pins left and if its work trying to 3d print some more name badges to identify members vs public on the day

  • general tidyup, tidy mezz benches

  • tidy / clean kitchen

  • empty bins

  • clean whiteboards and write some useful stuff on them about what is going on? i.e. robot fighting @ 2pm, wood lathe demo @?, whatever else.

  • make a “signpost” for the bottom of the stairs, street-sign-style, pointing people to stuff - maybe laser cut with text, pointing to:

  1. laser cutting
  2. cnc machines
  3. wood & metal workshop
  4. electronics & robotics (upstairs)
  5. 3d printing (upstairs)
  6. antweight fighting robots (upstairs)
  7. lounge

What is where on the day?
fab room

  • laser cutting demos


  • foamie plane display on tables (because not enough space in the fab room, but related to laser cutter so would be nice if close)
  • Matts LED coffee table?


  • Tools setup for people to see (but not plugged in!)
  • machining demos?


  • 3d printing corner by the 3d printers, display of 3d printed bits on the desks under the TV
  • robots (logobots, scob, hexaloop, BB8, etc) on the other desks
  • antweight arena on the end of the desks at the top of the stairs
  • Electronics on the bench to the left of the soldering (LED Cube, Plot clock, the soldering kits we did)

Random Thoughts About the Day

  • Make sure there is a stack of leaflets in each area / room
  • Make sure there is space for people to mill around


  • Should we be showing people the loft and spray booth? It’s not exactly “public friendly”. Maybe we should just have a sign on the door saying “loft and spray booth under construction - members only” but agree to show anyone who shows an explicit interest (don’t really want the general public wandering in and out of there?)
  • Could we have a laptop / PC setup somewhere for people to sign up on the day?
  • Do we want anything out the front of the space in the corridor? If so what, who would keep an eye on it?

Looks like a pretty good list, Rob, thanks!

Other stuff people bring to show off, on Mezz desks? eg Commodores, BB8… ?

I imagine we’ll have the doors wide open, so we could have one of the extra tables out there… with leaflets and/or the bits of signage with pictures we have, that Scott made?

You missed “kitchen” on the signage…

Nikki was thinking teapot ramps etc in corridor, so folks there could keep an eye on the table.

Shall I bring my led coffee table along for the outside table, will help get more attention

I kind of missed kitchen on purpose because there’s nothing happening in there, but we might as well have a sign anyway :slight_smile:

Great Open Day, thanks all! Folks who set up, folks who spent days before tidying, folks that sat/stood around in the upstairs heat and explained+demoed to people, ditto folks downstairs, folks that brought toys to play with, and were happy to share, folks that talked to visitors, folks that made cake(!), folks that took pictures and videos, folks that I’ve somehow missed out…

We had at least 2 on-the-day signups, and various other interesting discussions.

I think it was fun, and useful!