Mezz leftover work


An item that came up in the GM, and feels (to me) like its been hanging on for quite a while. We still have some “finishing off” jobs to do that were initially part of the Mezzanine todo list.

The list is managed using Trello, under the Infrastructure list - you will need to join Trello to see/work on it. A summary follows:

  • Fill large holes in loft roof
  • Plaster + paint stair wall
  • Rebuild wall benches (will now be covered by the Workshop Re-Org task)
  • Create display wall (between the top of the stair wall and the roof)
  • Make nicer display shelf on top of member storage upstairs
  • Fill holes around vent pipe with foam in spray booth
  • Build new members storage in chill room (I believe this is in progress by the shedders)
  • Add shelving for books in chill room (as above)
  • Fit smoke alarm in kitchen
  • Add vision window to Fab room door
  • Fix grey paint on stairs
  • Varnish stairs
  • Add grippy surface to stairs

Step one is plan a day, as that seems to be the best way to get stuff done Visit the Doodle to choose some dates to help out



what about the plug socket 1/2 way up the stairs :slight_smile:


I’m willing to help with bits, ie putting carpet tiles on stairs, to make less slippy. Building display wall by electronics area.