Makerbot Replicator 2x printer auction

We have too many printers! (Such a problem to have). The Replicator 2x was donated a few years ago and has been used a few times by members of the space.

This is an enclosed printer, and thus suitable for printing ABS.

We’ve had the following issues:

  1. Levelling the bed
  2. Getting ABS to stick to the bed
  3. There is a second extruder (for multi-colour or support material) this is not attached as the nozzles were different heights off the bed

Note: This can’t be used with open-source software, requires Windows-only Makerbot software to slice models, which are transferred to the printer using an SD card.

Makerbot still sell these at ridiculous sounding prices - bids for this one £150 ono. (members only initially)

I bid £150
(Aparently i cant reply with less than 20 caricturs)

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** I bid £ 180.00 **

Oops, we probably should have closed this on the forum. It went ages ago, sorry!