Make It! and More - Steam Museum

It has been suggested that we attend the Make It! and More Craft event at Steam this September.

Make It! & More Event

All views, Comments and suggestions are welcome

Was this the event that we failed to get organised for last year?

I can’t attend as clashes with Open Studios in which I will be participating in.

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Yes, What is Open Studio?

How on earth did they manage to clash that? sigh -, its a day/days where artists are in their studios for a day, and folks can go visit them, its fun.

Where local artists open up their studios for people to visit and see their work.
I’m joking Ruth Pike (Vince’s other half) at her garden studio in Morden Road. :blush:

We should absolutely enquire about attending. Would be a good start for us getting out and making ourselves more known.

we’re probably a bit late for this, also its unlikely to raise us more than the £100 fee…