LiPo Batteries for almost free

A message I got in my inbox. I’ll be getting some and was wondering if I should claim some for swindon?


I’ve been contacted by a company shutting down their production line …
They have 50,000 unused LiPo batteries that are out of warranty, will be below full charge (but probably not below safe level) and that have lost capacity.

Before they recycle them, they have asked if the Maker/Hacker communities would like them / any.

Obviously some legal disclaimer would be involved (no onward responsibility, agree to dispose properly, no onward-selling, but private use only etc).

The batteries are 450mAh 3.7V nominal LiPo in a PCB-mount package.

They may ask for a contribution towards carriage. Normally they are shipped by courier on a 220kg pallet.

If anyone is interested in some, please let me know how many and I can put you in touch. Feel free to pass this email on.

They also like to get in touch with anyone who’d like to do a deal for 370k 0R 0402 resistors.

I don’t have any obligation to take any, they are happy to recycle them all, but if you have a use …

I think there’s going to be a delivery to EMF so the shipping cost may be avoided.

These sound like they’d be perfect for basic antweight robots (and a few other projects of mine). Happy to get some for the minibar.

What quantity are we dealing with here?

Yeah could be interesting to use. Same question as Joe :slight_smile:

Quote from the shop. Please let me know how many you want in the next 2 days. I could probably split some off my lot, but I’m mostly expecting to get batches of 100s.

The part number is YE382745C, but I believe these may have been a custom part from YOK specifically for us. I can’t share our copy of the datasheet, as it was provided under NDA, but the basic specs are:
3.7V nominal, 450mAh minimum capacity (470mAh typical). Charging voltage 4.2V, discharge cut-off 3.0V (3.5V recommended), standard charging 0.2C / 4.2V, max charging 1.0C / 4.2V. Standard discharge 0.2C, max discharge 2.0C. Weight 10g, dimensions 47mm x 27mm x 4mm.

Apologies to everyone. The company got an offer for the whole lot.