Kitroniks laserables order!

You know the drill by now - add a post here (or prod me on Telegram), if you want kitronik laserable items (or honestly anything else they sell)


Jess R

Can i have 20 sheets of burch 3mm ply please


I will take 5 of those as well please Jess

3 of these please if I’m not too late

Need some clear stuff for a Xmas present

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inc 20 extra ply for the space to sell.

  • Josh R: £34.20 + 34.20 = £68.40 (have fixed the ordering bug)
  • Mal: £17.10
  • Jess H: £57.60+£15.26+£5.24+£5.46 = £83.56
  • Matt: £16.38

Pennies to me please, (paypal), 07-01-16 / 43913295 (bank), round up some for for shipping please!