Kitronik order (laser cuttables)

Hi all,

I keep meaning/threatening to do a Kitronik order and then getting distracted - we’re running low on Plywood, so now I’m definitely doing one …

Anybody want anything added to it? Start here to look: (that’s the max size that will fit on the bed - 600x400mm)


We need a bunch more 3mm acrylic for sure.

I’d also like another few frosted sheets for personal use, one each of Polar White, Midnight Black and Grey. I’ve also still not paid you for the last sheet!

tsk! (pay the space, it paid :wink: - btw you might want to label the rest of the sheet… unless you mind people using bits.

any particular acrylic colours for the “3mm acrylic”?

Can i get 10 pieces of the 3 mm of plywood stuff that is used for the laser donation box - intend to make a lot of boxes soon (600mm x 400mm)

i think that its the poplar laser plywood stuff on the website making it £28.80 but could be wrong

yup, it was that or birch… whichever the cheaper one was… do you care either way? :wink:

Whichever the laser cutter donation box was made out of, i think its what you ordered a lot of last time

It should still be labelled?

I don’t use it, but generally just clear is a good default. Saves keeping every single colour in stock, and you can spray it whatever colour you want anyway.

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Could I please request 10 sheets of lazer ply, I don’t get paid till the end of the month will that be OK?

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no problem, that’s fine

i think i might try some of the mdf 3 sheets pleas 1 sheet pleas

Please could I get 3 sheets of 5mm laser ply. Thanks!

can i have one of thes as well pleas

Ordering this lot on Sunday afternoon… annnny more?

Can I get three of these:

and one of these:

please? <3

apareltly jess cant make an acount for the forum
jess would like 10 sheets
and 1 pack


Aparently jess wanted the 600x400 party pack of acrlic. Sorry for the confusion.

May I order:

x3 sheets of laser ply (Birch or Poplar, whichever is cheapest or the consensus to keep everyone’s price down) x2 x2 x1 x1

right, I put this lot on my card after all… Payments appreciated via paypal to (or bank xfer on request) - shipping was £7.80 total, feel free to round amounts to contribute :wink:

@Joe: £24.22 - paid
@AnotherMatt: £28.80 - paid
@Phillv: £28.80
@Joshricketts: £30.80 - paid
@Jim: £14.22 - paid
@ocatelle : £24.26 - paid
Jess: £49.80
@TyrellOCP: £35.72 - paid