Kitronik/laserables order

We’re running out of laserply again, anyone want any items from kitronik on the order?

Kitronik materials

Normal stock will be 3mm poplar.

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Yes please, Can i order 6 sheets of poplar 3mm ply


Does a 600x400 sheet fit in the laser cutter?
I am after some sheet of plastic 2mm and 5mm

Please can I get:


Should be about £12


Jess , thanks, I need to put in a order for some bits but just got back from being away. I will have a browse tonight/tomorrow and put in my order by Monday morning if that is ok. Derek W

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10off 3mm Poplar Laser Plywood, 600mm x 400mm sheet


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yes, thats the size that fits… any particular colour?

Please put me down for:

5 x 3mm 600x400 - Birch laser ply

2 x 3mm 600x400 - Clear Perspex cast

1 x Bulk pack of perspex

Should about £50 for the perspex plus whatever the wood costs.

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can you get me 2 sheets of
and 2 sheets of
and 2 sheets of

it should be about just around £40 I think

Hi Jess … Many thanks for doing this. Can you order the following for me. I put in the order code numbers as well.

Perspex sheet 600x 400 x 3mm
1 x 4365 Black
1 x 4368 White
1 x 4345 Clear

Medite MDF 600x400 sheet
10 x 3211 3mm sheet
2 x 3212 6mm sheet

Polyethylene Craft Foam 600x400x2mm
2 x 5501 Red
2 x 5502 White
2 x 5505 Yellow
2 x 5506 Blue

Plywood – Ceiba 600x400x2mm
2 x 3262 Ceiba

Polstyrene (HIPS) sheet 457 x 254 x 1mm
3 x 5702 White

Derek W

  • 5 sheets of ply for Jess H

It seems the 2mm perspex sheet isn’t in stock just now, so I’ve put in the order without it (else the whole thing waits)… if you’d like to pick a replacement I can likely ask them to add it in if you manage it before they ship…



This time the space paid! Please do your sums based on the above and paypal to - rounding for postage coverage appreciated. Cash or card payments at the space also available - if paying cash please indicate here that you have.


im a new member i have some A3 sheets of clear acrylic 2mm thick going cheap
if you are interested
dave b

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Boxes have arrived! Please pay up! I will bring them into the space this evening.


Thanks, can you label my stuff please, or make sure it’s not in the general sale pile. I’m not around to collect until next week. Will sort payment then too.

Payment sent via Paypal. Thanks.

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Payment made to info@
£17.28p for ply plus 0.50p to cover postage costs - calculated at 2.847p per £1 order.

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