Kitronik/laserables order December

Hi All

Noticed we are running low on plywood. Can we make a list of what everybody wants so that Jess can order it.

I would like 5 sheets of Plywood 3mm

Also would like a sheet of laser compatible rubber



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. Two sheets white pespex 60 * 40

And one sheet of laser rubber please

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Hi… Noted the Kitronic order . Hopefully not too late. May I ordar some BIRCH ply. I would like 5 sheets of 800x600 BB grade 3mm ply. As per image . Thank you Derek W

Can I have
5 x sheets of standard 3mm plywood (whatever we usually have)
2 x 2mm

Thank you

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Sorry and…

1 x

Looks like it could be interesting to have a play with.

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Pay up via paypal preferably:, or the Makerspace’ bank account. please! Round up for a shipping contribution please (6.50 in total)


Delivered to the space! (On Friday). I accidentally ordered 3x of the rubber sheets… its in the “for sale” box - £15