Kitronik / laser cuttables order?

We ran out of stock 3mm ply again… (I will get more communal stock this time!), anyone need anything else?


Could you get a couple of sheets of clear glass look acrylic please?

5 sheets of 3mm ply for me please! :slight_smile:

5 sheets of 3mm ply for me please

Which 3mm ply do we use?

usually the cheapest one :wink: Poplar … I shall assume this unless people say otherwise

Sorry what price are they?

£3.12 - cheaper if we order more

Great can I have 5 as well then…I owe you some money for pizza so if I can have your paypal address at sometime I will settle up :slight_smile:

5 sheet of laser ply for me pleas
7 sheets of for jess hanman

I make that 27 sheets of 3mm poplar laser ply requested, and 2 sheets clear glass-look acrylic. and a button for Alex.

Ordered with extra for stock (delivery Jan 3rd):

Josh R = £14.40
Jess H = £20.16
Malcolm = £14.40
Nikki = £14.40
Jay = £14.40
Protos = £14.48
Alex = £0.94

paypal to please - feel free to round up to cover the £6.50 P&P

payment made :slight_smile: for the ply thank you

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Already paid mine :slight_smile:

Big box o’laser stuff has been delivered!