Kitronics / Laser supplies Order - July 2021

Hi All,

Will be doing a kitronics order.
Deadline - 24th July, will be ordered shortly after and should arrive before end of month
Please reply with a URL link to the item you want exactly, and round up the pricing a little to cover postage

Happy Shopping :slight_smile:

Hi Matt

3mm Poplar Laser Plywood, 600mm x 400mm sheet – Kitronik Ltd x 10
For me thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, one of these please! Opaque Frosted Perspex Sheet 3mm x 600mm x 400mm – Kitronik Ltd

Could you get 20 or so sheets of basic ply (poplar I think) for the space itself, please

Order Placed,

Joe - £10.80
Malp - £32.76
Jess/Makerspace - £63.96
Other Jess - £26.64
Will contact people seperately about how to send me the monies (not doing it on public forum)