Kitronic order Nov 2022

Ordering from kitronic soon, if its not a reply to this forum thread then its not being ordered.

Will do final pricing (I.e. Bulk discounts applied) Once order is placed. P&P will be split across all that partake in the order too
Payment through paypal only (will give details later) make sure its sent as family/friends so i dont get transaction fees

Please include url link to the particular material so I don’t get the wrong kind of material by mistake. And quantity

Deadline is whenever I decide to order so don’t wait

The space itself could do with some Ply supplies - 20 or 30 A3 sheets of poplar or birch, whatevers going, please

5x of clear acyrlic

Yes I am reply to my own thread on what I am ordering, its easier to lookup later :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sorting this out. Can I order the following, please?
2 off - 3mm Poplar Laser Plywood, 600mm x 400mm sheet - Stock code: 3209 - £3.95
4 off - 3mm Laser Compatible Medite MDF, 600mm x 400mm sheet - Stock code: 3211 - £1.65
4 off - 6mm Poplar Laser Plywood, 600mm x 400mm sheet - Stock code: 3210 - £6.00

This is a share link for the full cart, if that helps. Cart

Any problems & when you want paying, please give me a shout. Thanks again.

Order placed.

JoeW listed above- £47.96
Norman 10 sheets - £45.80
Jess/Space 30 sheets - £132.20

PLEASE PUT PAYING FRIEND rather than buying something from company, otherwise they take a couple % of what you send me!
payments to my paypal