January talk - volunteers?



Any volunteers for giving a talk/workshop in January? Generally organised for the third Thursday, so Jan 17th (ish)… Suggested themes/talkers also good.



Hi Jess

Not sure I wants to do this month, but how long and were, and is it only people from the makerspace?



Length/theme is totally up to you. We usually advertise them on meetup and facebook, so in theory non-members can attend (for a £5 guest fee + materials if necessary), though this doesn’t often happen.

Location is at the space - usually upstairs around the big tables, though will depend on what the workshop/talk is about and so on.



May think about doing in feb and want embedded software is.
I keep thinking about doing a set videos on embedded software, as I been writing 23ish years, and most people have used my software, if not in your set top box, or when you plug your laptop in to a hotel network, …

and Toni said I could do 1 on Blender (Blender was 25 years old a few days ago)

I mainly need more practice standing up in front of people.


Sounds good to me! I’m looking at doing one on laser cutting, targeted at board game box inserts, in Jan…


If there was enough interest on Tinkercad I could a talk on that. Although it is not as sophisticated as the other it’s not bad now with some good features for modeling especially for 3D prints. I know quite a few tricks to get the best from it.

It pretty easy to learn in an evening as well!

Tuesday nights are normally ok for me.