Insulating in readiness for the Winter

So we can maintain a comfortable working environment upstairs we need to do some work to insulate the area.

This falls into two categories

a) Seal the roof Apex to stop heat escaping, and rain coming in
b) Stop heat loss through the windows.

Please give your ideas.

My idea to start is, Hire a Worktower to reach the Apex for sealing with expanding foam, No-Nail battons to the down frames on the windows, Insulated top half of windows with Spaceblanket, and the lower half with Polycarb.

Thoughts please

As well as sealing the apex, it might be worth looking at sealing the gap into the corridor. If you go into the loft you can pretty much see straight out where the missing tile is.

Good call Rob, did not know about that

As far as I remember we already made a decision on a plan for this, with “execute when it gets cold”, so I’m not sure we need to gather more ideas… unless we have a sudden influx of money to do something more expensive with.

It was agreed that we would proceed with space blanket when it got cold, was trying tp get input on how we actually proceed.

Ah, you just wrote “Stop heat loss”, which will prompt more ideas on that… so actually we’re after “how to apply space blanket”?