Help on project and induction

Hi all,
need some advice, I have in mind a project to carve a duck as if it were in water, with silver embossed patterning over the wing areas. I can whittle but will move to dremel for this project as it’s probably larger than the things I have done so far.

I have three issues to comprehend:

  1. What wood to use for something that will end up dark brown
  2. Any tips on using dremel to carve the narrow channels for the silver
  3. I plan on smelting the silver and casting it to the pattern, I have an idea how I would do that but fixing it in place, I think wood glue would work.

Any advice appreciated, also need induction on all the machines there please :slight_smile:

Walnut is naturally a nice brown; when treated, it can be gorgeous dark brown.

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