Groups on our Facebook Page

Whether it is liked or disliked Facebook is still the biggest social media platform, we get a lot of interaction through it on our page.

We now have the ability to create groups within our page, should we do this? ie groups for Crafts, Retro, electronics, 3D printing, etc

On the plus side, it would give us more exposure and may attract people to join.


It would mean that we might get a lot of questions from non-members in each groups area, are people willing to monitor and reply to questions?

All views and comments welcome.

Good idea having groups available but not keen on them being split up in different ones, hard enough to keep track of groups already in let alone muilplute ones. Don’t see how it gives more exposure as well as they have to find the page to join the groups in the first place.

Not sure I follow your logic, the whole point of having groups on the facebook page is to split the topics into manageable chunks, some people may be interested in a particular topic but not the rest, so they don’t have to see all the other stuff.
However you may be correct that finding the group may be an issue, but thanks for your comments

Personally I feel like extra groups, especially split per topic, would just dilute the conversations more (some telegram, some forums, add some facebook).

In my view (assuming FB groups at all), start with one and then later split it, if it should get overwhelmingly busy…

I’d prefer though, if there were a way to direct people looking on Facebook, to our forums in a more obvious way (along with login using facebook credentials etc)

More exposure would depend on how the FB groups are set up… if as public, then people’s posts would show up in their main feeds, and be seen by their friends, so it would (I think) be seen more.