Filament for sale


Could I please have two roles of ABS please and you now have no PLA thank you


And the other two roles to thanks for all your help and just say when you like to meet up and have the money.


So 4 Reels in total? 3 ABS and the Yellow PLA. I can bring them along tonight if your around


Sorry will not be there tonight but if fell up to it may come just had lond day had to go to a meeting as becoming treasure for a group


Ok, you choose which colour abs you want and I’ll bring it along next week. No rush plenty left to choose from


Can I have a fluorescent yellow and a grey is well please to go with what I asked for the first time. Thanks again for your help selling the reels.


Can you please tell me where you are leaving my reels. I may come over tonight if not can you let me know where you have put it for me. Thanks Derek


Hi Derek, I wont be there this evening. When I next come along to the space (latest next Wednesday) Ill leave it somewhere in the room with the laser cutter so you can get to it easily


Thanks so much for that


Are you bringing the Filamentum for the printer tonight for me. Can you let me know as will come get it off you. Thanks Derek


Yes will be bring it along with me tonight


Sorry did not come but had something to sort out.