Filament for sale


So as quite a few of you know i went to an auction and got some good quality filament at stupidly cheap pricing. Issue is i have too much now

Below is a list of what I currently have (upto date on 21st June)
All 1Kg reels at £5 each

ABS Yellow 8 Reels
ABS Florescent Yellow 14 Reels
ABS Grey 15 Reels
ABS White 14 Reels
ABS Black 6 Reels
PLA Yellow 3 Reels
PLA Grey 2 Reels
PLA White Sold Out
Nylon White 17 Reels

Msg me on telegram @anothermatt or just talk to me some other way :slight_smile:


Hi Matt,

If you still have a PLA in white for sale, I’ll have it.




Yup, will bring it along tonight