Event planning thoughts

Stuffing this in this category as I’m hoping it’ll become part of an Operating Procedures entry…

How To of events:

  • Event is possibly pre-discussed for sanity with other members
  • Proposer of event writes it up on the forum for formal discussion
  • N days for discussion (2-3 ?)
  • Publicity is planned and done by specified person (aka not everyone at once to avoid clashes)

Ideally events should have at least 2 people to run/organise them, for motivation + support + bus error survival.

Somehow (it has been proposed one person, tho I think we should not have any single points of failure), we attempt to ensure we have events running regularly.

What does regularly mean? I think at least one workshop/talk a month, other regular socials/themed meetups should decide how often to run, min 1/week, max 1/month.