Durable Matching Tile Game

Hey Guys,

Would like to know if you have any suggestions on better/alternative ways to make the following.

For one of my groups, I’d like to make a matching tile game such as this.
Game Example

My main criteria is that the tiles are durable as the game will be played by the general public.

To that end I was thinking of using something like laser cut plastic (3 or 4 inch rounded squares) for the main tile to give consistency. Then putting the pictures (self printed to adhesive photo paper) on one side and laminating over the top to try and seal/protect them.

General thoughts on approach?
What plastic would be good to use for the laser cutter and what thickness?

Another reason for making this myself rather than buying one in, is that I can replace and add new tiles as and when new images become available.



Hi Nick,

Acrylic (perspex) is by far the easiest plastic to cut on the laser cutter. You could easily use a very thin layer of acrylic or mylar sheet to laminate the front side too. The laser is very capable of cutting any thickness you’re likely to want so it’s more a usability question than a capability question. Maybe 1mm for the backing and 0.5mm for the front? Maybe try to find some offcuts and do some mock-ups before purchasing sheet?


Of course the other option would be to use card and laminate it using a normal laminator. It won’t be as sturdy but it’s super cheap and you could therefore print many sets of spares.

I’m looking for something a bit longer lasting than cardboard especially for kids to use.

Is any acrylic sheet acceptable such as this; or does it need to be specific to laser cutting?
Perspex Sheet



Yes, any acrylic or perspex sheet will cut well on the laser. Depending on your target audience you may wish to adjust the thickness of the pieces. For an adult with good dexterity 3mm may be a little thick, especially if you’re planning to layer it. For younger children 2mm x2 might be about right…?

For kids, 3+. It will also need to be durable as kids tend to throw things around and drop them.