Custom made PCB's low volume


Anyone have any experience of getting a small number of custom PCB’s (double sided) made? Cheap is good; so presumably a Chinese maker is the way to go. Any recommendations?

Also, is Fritzing a reasonable program to design them in? I have my circuit schematics designed in Fritzing already, but have a few custom components.




I’ve used a few - Allpcb, seeed and JLPCB. All have been great. If you use pcbshopper you can do a price comparison.

Fritzing is pretty terrible. If it’s just a one off it does do the job, but if you’re putting any time into PCB stuff in future I’d highly recommend learning Kicad or Eagle.

Btw, I have some designs I’d like to send off, if you’re putting in an order it would be cool to split postage.



I’ve got a few ideas for boards; one of which I could use to sell a product (a few people have asked me to put one of my props) for sale. The only way I could do it would be to have a PCB made and just mount components. To run wires like my prototype does wouldn’t be economical. The board is fairly straight forward.