Christmas Hebocon

Hello everyone!

As part of the Christmas party on the 19th of December I’m organising a Hebocon robot sumo contest.

I have posted a link to the official rules below, but in short it’s a robot fighting competition where the robots are of deliberately poor quality. Hobby grade radio controls, sensors, and general high quality construction are frowned upon, and even penalised. Parts falling off, robots falling over and robots damaging themselves are to be expected.

Having zero robot experience is OK (and in fact encouraged). If you’ve built robots before and are worried your robot might be too good, draw a picture and have a child build it for you. Some examples of robots from previous tournaments are toy cars with stuffed toys stuck to them, bristlebots, a creepy motorised hand, and even a tin of baked beans, a brick and a piece of plywood (to roll the tin down). For more inspiration, watch this video:

If you’re interested in taking part please post in this thread, as well as any questions you may have!


For those not following Telegram, here is my entry The Heli-car-p-ter…