Chippenham Soap-Box Derby

At the General Meeting, it was suggested that we do a group project of entering the Chippenham Soap-Box Derby.

So let’s get a few ideas together here.

Here is a video link for this year’s event to give some context to what it is about.

Chiipenham Soap-Box derby

Yeah, looks good, I’m up for helping with the build. A few ideas were discussed after the GM. I think the general consensus was to build a decent chassis and then we can make whatever top we want to go on it. I suggested something that looks like giant lego (without actually being lego)

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Rules for Chippenham Soap Box Derby

I saw this video from ScrapStore Swindon

Just wondering if it might form the basis of our Soap-Box, I think it is still available, Nigel at Reboot will let me know tomorrow what price they are looking for. I will let you all know, it the meantime your thoughts would be useful

I’d suggest we work out what we the plan is before we start buying bits.

They want to much anyway, just thought it was a ready made chassis and wheels to build on

Winners of the 2015 Red bull Soap Box derby