Caliburn 3D printed nerf gun

Hey Guys,

I’m currently printing one of these with the view to using for a bigger project. Theory being is that if parts break on this I can replace more easily and cheaply than if I bought some in a shop etc.

This is the nerf gun.

This is the kit to go metric

This is a link to the instructions:

This link also has some additional build details.

Page 2 of the instructions has a list of bits needed to complete the project.

Any ideas where to get the following:

  • Springs
  • O-Rings
  • Polycarbonate tubing



Looks interesting, will watch your progress with interest, might build one for my grandson.

You can buy kits of O rings and springs online. Polycarbonate tube is probably best found from an online plastic supplier, but you may find it in something like an aquarium shop?