Applying for Lottery Funding

One idea I had, and this might sound crazy under our current predicament is —
Apply for funding for taking on the unit next door as a craft space with a Kiln etc.
My thinking is that a nice craft space might appeal to the crafters and attract more members.
Only a thought, open to discussion

These are the areas that we can apply for funding.

Training Costs
Volunteer Expenses
Staff Costs
Small Capital Projects
One-off Events
Utilities / Running costs

I kinda like the idea of it being paid for… but dont like the idea of taking on more rent, even if its in a year’s time…

I suspect we should poll everywhere possible to see how many people this would actually attract (which reminds me to do a new survey… sigh…!)

We could try the Running Cost route, but we would need to show that we are attracting groups like Priory college etc

Hard no on any new space, not until we become sustainable in the current setup.

Walk before you can run and all that.

My concern with lottery for more space is that the money has to go on the new space, we cant use it to balance our current space deficit. And the funding would also have to not only account for rent but utilities, equipment, furnishings.
On top of all that we would have to guarantee we were sustainable after a year so that would be 30+ new craft members at the current £25pm fee which seems unrealistic at best.

I think its better to come up with an Idea that gets funding for our current space.

Would it be possible to get funding for replacing the windows upstairs to keep the temperatures more reasonable up there in the winter & summer

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Yes, but only if can get more money than we need to cover rent for the new unit and are allowed to pay the shortfall on our current unit until we get enough members. Even if we mothball the new unit for the whole year and do nothing with it, it will buy us time to recruit. After the year we can just report back to the lottery fund that it was a failure and give up the lease on the new unit and even 34a if we are still short because our minimum contracted lease period on 34a would have elapsed.

I don’t think we would funding if we asked for shortfall money for the current space and money to expand into new space at the same time.

Do we know how much the rent is for next door? I’m not in a position at the moment to set up my own pottery studio, just being out of college and in start up. I don’t even know yet if anyone wants to buy my stuff - my first exhibition is Swindon Open Studios later this month :grimacing:.
I have seen a new trend where studio space is being created where it’s is open to the public, pay as you go type I think, people come do their thing, and then also pay for kiln firing. I need to look into this more, but could attract some other people and generate some regular income.
But just something to consider as I know we’re not really in a position for this at the moment.

Jacqui, I do believe there is a need at some point for us to create more space for the craft side of making, I would personally like to see an area for pottery/ceramics, jewellery, picture framing, haberdashery and many many more crafts.

I always like looking to the future even as we struggle to get the existing makespace to be self sustaining.

With that in mind I will gather info for the future including making enquiries about the rent of other units.

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Did you manage to find out what the rent is for the Nimble Thimble unit next door?

No sorry not yet, I will email them tomorrow.

Great, Thanks, will be good to know