3rd Thursday: Oct 18th, 3d modelling software workshop (part 1)

Hi all,

Last month’s 3d printing workshop didn’t manage to include creation of your own models, so this will kick off a series of 3d modelling workshops using various types of software.

Question: Would people prefer a series of 3d software workshops all bunched up together; eg Oct 16th, Oct 18th, (Tues+Thurs), or more spread out (one every week or month)… Vote now (in the next week or so!) so we can plan.

I plan to do a class on Solvespace, I’m hoping @Joshricketts will teach us how to use Fusion 360. I can also do OpenSCAD if people haven’t had enough of that yet…

Comments with answers to the above, and intentions to attend, appreciated!


Yes im up for teaching the fusion class. Just remember im not a vere good teacher and im handy with the basic fuctions of fusion but bad when it comes to its exsiting bits

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I’d be interested in Fusion 360, not so much Solvespace. So if they were separate days / sessions that would be ideal because I could just come for the Fusion 360 one.

I am interested in any 3d modelling tutoring, I’m not got a plans at the mo to use it, as I have some other projects to work on but would like to learn as it will definatly help with the other projects.

Interested to come, don’t mind all one week or monthly sessions

Oops, I failed to actually organise… and part of what Im trying to do is plan this sorta stuff in advance.

Therefore - delayed for 2 weeks (as next Thurs is Reto night) - now Nov 1st! I will setup the event!


I’ll put this in my diary, I’m assuming 18:30 start???

What is going to be covered?

Solvespace. Need to kick @Joshricketts (and/or @colour_limited) for Fusion.

7:30, I usually have dinner before on non-Wednesdays

Even better thank you.