3-in-1 lathe/mill for sale!


Centurion single phase lathe and mill, good working condition. Lathe motor has been upgraded, but is only wired for forward operation - could be wired properly, but we’ve never used it in reverse so have no need for it. Cosmetically not great but still fully functional otherwise.

The lathe has power feed and screw cutting, a multi-speed gearbox, and a fine adjust quill.
Currently fitted with an ER25 collet holder, secured by a draw bar. Power feed is possible using the lathe gearbox.

Comes with the following tools and accessories:
Lathe tools
Jacobs chuck
Milling cutters
Running center
Springy tap follower
Chuck key
Center drills
Quick change tool post
4 way spinny tool post
Running and fixed steady
collet set
Milling vice / compound slid
3 jaw chuck with internal and external jaws
Knurling tool

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Link to the equivalent / current version