1/16th scale R/C Tiger 1: Barrel recoil machining

Hi all, I’m an R/C tank enthusiast and have an all metal Tiger 1 that’s run into gun recoil problems due to too much friction in the mechanics overloading a servo. I’ve got hold of an upgrade recoil system and need to adapt it for use in my Mato Tiger. To do this I need some meat taken off a 1 cm approx. section of aluminium tube (barrel) that is about 1cm in diameter.

Longer-term I’d like to make a custom recoil and gun elevation unit - possibly 3D printed based on gears instead of rod actuators.

Since I’m not qualified to operate a lathe I’m writing to the forum to see if anyone would be interested in helping me solve this problem or design an alternative.

I can pop by with the tank anytime… happy to donate/pay.



Sounds doable, and probably easy (depending on how accurate it needs to be).

Lucas, thanks for the reply. Sounds good - picture attached of the barrel area needing modification.

Regards, James

Sorry for the long reply, I don’t check these forums very often.

You want the diameter of the bit in red reducing?

I will probably be at the space sometime next week. Is there a way of contacting you other than through this forum?